Building the
Next Journey
as a Service

A metaverse where you can create your own virtual world without programming knowledge.

Building the Next Journey with Metaverse as a Service

A metaverse where you can create your own virtual world without programming knowledge.


Build a virtual city

Building a Metaverse city that reflects the image of the Organization.

Presentation of the organization's information and potential.

Mini game

A ready-made game for designing an Organization's User Experience.

Private Meeting

A Metaverse meeting room that you can use with your team or clients.

You can share the live chat screen, turn off & on the camera and turn off & on the microphone


Metaverse streaming room that can show movies, live streaming, online seminars in streaming format

Presentation of the organization's information and potential.

Metaverse Exhibition

The space in the Metaverse can be used for events, contests, open houses, virtual parties, etc.


The function of turning a fantasy world into reality can be used with regard to annual meetings, fan meetings, political speeches.

The outstanding feature of this function is the virtual projection of the speaker or speaker in real time. This has the advantage of bringing the audience and viewers closer to the speaker.


Space for a virtual shelf And can buy and pay with qr payment or credit/debit immediately in the metaverse with a click of the mouse.


Our platform has features that can be used by multiple sectors in the industies.
Human Resource
Health and Wellness
Fashion & Beauty
Business Tool

Sale & Marketing

Create a virtual world shop as a channel for selling products or services. which can chat, ask, answer the product and can also choose and conveniently pay.

Exhibition & Event

Create a virtual world where participants can visit the exhibition or easily to attend virtual seminars

PR & Branding

Create an image of the organization that is consistent with the position of the brand. that is not possible in the normal world.

Virtual Commerce

These virtual stores can offer an interactive shopping experience, personalized recommendations, and integration with real-world e-commerce platforms.


Businesses can use the metaverse as a platform for social impact initiatives, such as virtual fundraising events, charity auctions, and immersive experiences that raise awareness and support for various causes.


The metaverse can host virtual marketplaces where businesses can sell virtual goods, digital assets, and virtual collectibles. These marketplaces can provide a decentralized and secure platform for trading and exchanging virtual items.


More than just a ready-to-use Metaverse Platform

We are the first provider. It is a ready-to-use metaverse creation platform that requires no programming knowledge for the user. and can be modified to be compatible with any industry or business and is thin with pre-built city building models and can easily upload any user city model.
More than just a ready-to-use metaverse platform is that creators spend less budget to create a traditional metaverse. That has to waste the budget on hiring programmers to create a virtual world and rely on programmers every time they develop a virtual world.
Big Bang Theory is a metaverse creation platform that anyone can create themselves. Without the creator having any programming knowledge. And it does not take an expert to create a virtual world. Because we are a ready-made platform, easy to use and adaptable to any industry.
Our goal is to be a service provider that creates a virtual world that everyone can access. And the mission is to make the metaverse accessible to everyone. and recognised the importance because the metaverse can add value to businesses. Especially in terms of creating an experience for existing customers, attracting new customers, and creating opportunities to achieve new goals